About Us

About Us

Hello, and welcome to the Somerset Tourist Guide!

Somerset Tourist GuideHaving established the website from Hertfordshire we have now made the move to Somerset to concentrate on the business full-time. We are living in Wincanton and are enjoying getting to know the area with our two young children.

For the last 12 years, I have worked in Marketing in various organizations in Chester, London, and the South East. I am now looking forward to putting the skills I have developed into marketing tourism in Somerset together with my wife and partner in the business, Maria.

Update on recent developments:

We have recently added a map to our homepage which opens up to a more detailed interactive map of Somerset. We are also concentrating on raising the profile of Somerset by trying to get the site ranked on the major search engines for West Country-related keywords as well as for Somerset, for example, you will find our top of the first page of Google for Activity Breaks in the West Country.

We look forward to hearing from you if you are interested in featuring on either site – there are discounts available for featuring on both.

We are always happy to receive constructive feedback about any aspect of the website you feel could be improved upon.

Current Position on Google and Yahoo:

We are now on the first page for Google for the following key phrases:

  • Somerset Tourism
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Many more keyphrases are on pages two and three and rising

We are on the first page of Yahoo for:

  • B&B; in Somerset (top)
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    Accommodation in Weston-super-Mare

Somerset Tourist Guide

Somerset Tourist Guide has been specially designed to offer you a quick and easy way to search for information on Somerset.

Our aim is to ensure that visitors to Somerset have the best possible start to their holiday or short visit with the help of our user-friendly tour guide.

In order to continually monitor and improve our services, we welcome any comments you may have. Please let us know via the Contact Us Page